Eldar Assassins Rogue #1

Yes! Its finally done(maybe some patching up to do with some greenstuff). This is an entry in my assassins codex(eldar),called a rogue. They go in groups of 3-7 and have access to a poison armoury. As you can see they have gas masks and then an oxygen tank on their backs. Nice eh?
Thanks and Enjoy!

Here is some rangers for my eldar assassins army as well. Simple as that!

Eldar Tempest Guardians!!

I am almost done with them(greenstuff patching), but here they are. They are basically skilled between assassins and storm guardians, and have many wargear options(assassins wargear that is...)

Transformers 2 Teaser on Super Bowl Sunday!!

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Magazine Trouble

Sorry bout the wait, but I dont think this magazine will work out(time wise) It takes too much time, but I will keep the blog up for all of my clubs progress and such. Stay tuned for more modeling and painting articles.