Zombie Campaign Into

This is Drazhar and Farseer Em'ros's Zombie Campaign. You know, that old classic ZOMBIE ATTACK Scenario. The rules are pretty simple, and are as follows: Each person has 1 imperial guard model (if you only have 2 people playing you can use 2-3 models however you feel). They all start out in a bunker about 8inches by 5inches (any size can work). The bunker has to have a fence on top, spikes whatever. (if there are none on you bunker just there are). The game will take place on a 4-foot by 6-foot table. Use the regular imperial guardsmen stats for each persons model. There are 4 different types of markers on the map. 1 would be the manhole marks which allows you to move around the map very quickly *you may get lost* the 2nd is a weapons marker which allows you to get better weapons than what you have already. The 3rd is an armor counter, which lets you get upgraded armor. The last marker is a random counter, which means you either get junk or something to upgrade your base. There should be 6 random counters, 6 weapons counters, and 6 armor counters. There are 100 zombies So you better be prepared for a tough fight. There is easy and hard mode though. Hard mode is all zombies have +1 T and +1 WS. Easy - normal stats. The rules for zombies are as follows: The first wave starts with 10 zombies, and each wave you add 10 more, *10 waves*. There is 20 of each type of zombie, then on wave 10 you fight the 100 zombies and the king zombie. So there is the gist of it, so enjoy! Just tell me if you want to use it for a big event or something, but just for a general game its ok! Thanks, Zach
PS: The video is having "Technical Difficulties", so bare with meh



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Welcome to the FTW blog group my friend, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff as from what I have seen on your blog so far is absolutely great.